When you have a racing kennel that contains around 80 greyhounds it is essential that their welfare is paramount at all times.
At Alnwick kennels the personalised interaction, walks, paddocks, water, feeding and grooming create an environment which should enable the greyhounds to perform to the best of their ability.
However these magnificent athletes always perform to the maximum of their ability each time they run and like all athletes pick up injuries. All injuries are quantified as to severity but unless detected early even the most minor sprain can develop into or cause a more serious injury.
At Alnwick Kennels all greyhounds are checked after they race using a Computerised Thermal Imaging System designed to detect most types of injury.
Once the injury is detected and confirmed with “hands on” the kennel can then use the Magnetic and Ultrasound Equipment which along with massage and rest will correct the injuries keeping the greyhounds racing at their best.


When any greyhound is retired it will be offered to good loving homes either by the kennel or an RGT homing scheme.

Sleeping Greyhound

Thermal Imaging

The images below show the sensitivity of the camera in detecting problems, even when large areas of the dog’s anatomy are imaged.

The dog at the top has reduced circulation through her front wrists and paws compared to the normal thermal pattern seen in a greyhound (at the bottom).

Further imaging and clinical examination identified an area of her neck where a branch of the spinal cord was being compressed, causing the nerves which run down her leg to send out an incorrect message to the blood vessels to constrict.

Thermal Imaging Greyhound
Thermal Imaging Greyhound

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