The Alnwick Greyhound Group has been set up to organise and administer Greyhound Syndicates which will run both Graded and Open Race Greyhounds on behalf of the individual members of each Syndicate.


Each greyhound will be offered for sale to a fixed number of shareholders.

Greyhounds for Graded Racing will normally be 10 Shares.

Greyhounds for Open Racing will normally be 12 Shares. (This covers additional travel costs)
Each Share can be allocated to more than one individual but only have one vote.

The Purchase Price for each share will be determined by the Purchase Cost / Number of Shares.

Kennel Fees for each greyhound will be fixed to cover all monthly costs and retirement.

Kennel fees for each Share will be their proportionate share and paid by a Fixed Monthly Standing Order.

All Prize Money, including Run Money, earned by the greyhound will be accrued in an account for the syndicate by Alnwick Greyhound Group and the distribution of these funds will be determined by the shareholders.

It is anticipated that the funds accrued during a greyhounds racing career will be sufficient to purchase or contribute to an interest in another greyhound when the syndicate greyhound retires.

It must be noted that participation in each Syndicate is for the purpose of sharing in the enjoyment of the greyhound and not for investment.

Sample Certificate

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